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martedì 3 maggio 2011

GRATEFUL DEAD - Davis Gym Bucknell University Lewisburg PA 14 April 1971

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  2. So what.? Every time I wanna listen to this file, I gotta do what? Go on-line? Because this is no link to any set of files like Ive ever seen.

  3. ???

    more' simple of this way?...where is the problem?....

  4. I remember that every CD that draws and every download before having put in the blog has been unloaded and the operation has been tried...and seen my elementary level, if I do him/it me you/they can easily do him/it all, if the thing is too much difficulty I don't even make the post....hi

  5. I only get one file when I download...

    What is a m3u and how do I get it to play without letting it log on line everytime? I no not what to do :)

  6. The passages are these:

    -Listen to audio - Stream (help) VBR M3U (Hi-fi) or 64Kbps M3Us (He-Fi)

    -It saves with the name

    -You open with Windows

    - File

    -It saves file multimediali with name

    -Safe one files at a time


    I always do this way....hi

  7. Gracias! (Thanks!)


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