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giovedì 31 marzo 2011

IGGY POP - Live In Italy Pesaro 1980 & Torino 1981

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  1. PESARO:


  2. Great find !!! I hope I'll be able to DL the Torrent since Qwest partially blocks torrent downloads =(

  3. Got a weird warning at Dimeadozen that says "This domain name has been seized by MaFIA - Music and film industry Association" ??? April Fools joke or for real ? any idea ? Damn I really want to get this show, I've never seen it and this was a great tour !!! Saw the Show in Seattle WA !!! Thanks for the post my friend...

  4. This is material freely disponibiile in the places that I point out and I find...any government disposition of any state cannot find here space..I would recommend the boundless record industry to aspire to other places, these are set from impassioned seldom and unusual where their power and wealth it leastly is not stricken, hi

  5. Just posted FLAC and mp3 here

    Thanks for cover mate. Great as usual


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