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mercoledì 2 febbraio 2011

GRATEFUL DEAD with Doug Sahm Martin Fiero and Joe Ellis - William and Mary College Hall Williamsburg VA 11/9/1973

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  1. Why do you INSIST in switching the month with the year in your cover dating procedure? September 11th, 1973 should read 9/11/1973. NOT 11/9/1973. You have caused untold numbers of headaches simply because you want to be cool.

  2. In USA the first number is instead the month in Europe the first number it is the day, that's all, to be some calm however no?...hi

  3. Yes, but the BANDS are mainly from the American side of the pond. No...?

    I like what I find here, whatever your personal idiosyncrasies may be. Keep up the good work and thank you for being 'calm' :) Together that makes one of us.

  4. Thanks to every case my blog is of search and always rhyming in the original place of the concerts, where one can exactly check dates exact and other news or to take the original covers if esistyono, mine is a handicraft contribution where aggiubgo my experience and passion, hi


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