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mercoledì 8 dicembre 2010

ELTON JOHN - St. Petersburg Florida 26/11/1972

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  1. The cover art is NOT from St. Petersburg Florida. St. Pete had no giant tiered stadium back in 1972. And the one they have now is an indoor deal. The Thunderdome (aka: Tropicana Field). Home of the Rays baseball team. Anyway, he probably played at the old Bayfront Center. Seated about 15,000. Concrete. Indoors. They tore it down about five years back now.

  2. You are perfectly right, unfortunately not having decent immsgini of this concert I am me aqppoggiato to a photo that was not too much distant from the recorded event.
    Certainly the public was smaller and he was not dressed this is a small poetic license, hi w thanks



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